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The New Age Movement

The New Age movement is an old term and many New Agers prefer the terms New Spirituality or Spirituality.  No matter which term they desire to use it is Eastern Mysticism.  It is a decentralized spiritual movement whose believers share similar beliefs and practices.  Many of these add these new views to whatever formal religion they might already follow.  The New Age Movement is a revival of ancient religious traditions of Easter mysticism, science and science fiction, and modern philosophy and psychology. It can also be a mixture of Christianity, Buddhism, Hinduism, and spiritualism. It is self centered in that all you need is within you.

New Ager's believe they are chosen to usher in peace, love and brotherhood under the leadership of one they call the Christ and claim he is alive today awaiting his entrance to the world stage at any time. This movement is a network of thousands of groups with a common believe of the Hindu religion and an aversion to Christianity and is rapidly replacing Christian values with new values. Instead of destroying religion they have learned how to use it for their own means.

The New Age Movement rejects Jesus and has adopted a Cosmic Christ. Christ, they say, is a universal spirit or cosmic force with the primary goal of guiding us to a spiritual evolution of mankind. There is also a growing movement in the postmodern Church that also rejects God's Word, this being the evolving Emerging Church which is evolving closer and closer to what I call the New Age or New Spirituality. Many churches are now teaching that since the culture is changing the church must keep up with the changes. Where are all these changes going? They all appear to be merging into a one world church and a one world government.

Sadly, most Church members have a superficial knowledge of the Bible if any at all and are easy targets for the New Age demonic teachings. The world is being prepared for a New Age Antichrist and they are being successful because of this shallow knowledge. Today, many church teachings are being changed by the false teachings of the New Age or New Spirituality, including the Emerging Church, into an evolutionary mystical experience to replace their old religious beliefs.

To infiltrate churches with this Eastern Mysticism, they are using contemplative prayer and meditation to cleanse the mind and bring peace and energy to the body. The purpose of contemplative prayer is to enter an altered state of consciousness to find one's true self within, that which tells one that man is good. The Bible tells us that from within the heart of men proceeds evil thoughts, adulteries, fornication, murders, thefts etc., Mark 7:21-22. Many teach a repetitive prayer and the Bible tells us not to use vain repetitions as the heathen do, Matthew 6:7. We need to remember that the Bible warns against intermingling Christianity with this Eastern Mysticism and contemplative prayer, 1 Corinthians 10:21-22. The Bible teaches that we cannot reach God through our religious efforts. None of the New Age teachings are biblical and most of those who are New Agers, in practice, refuse to admit they are a part of the New Age movement.

In the last days the world will see a worldwide revival of religion.  This revival will not represent the truth and many will be deceived by false gospels, false prophets and false messiahs that are actually preparing the way for the Antichrist, 1 Timothy 4:1.  This one world church and one world government is well on it’s way, Revelation 17.  It should be no wonder to anyone why Timothy warned us to study the Bible, 2 Timothy 2:15. The false teachings of the New Age, Emerging Church and others is one of several reasons we are told to grow in the knowledge of our Lord, 2 Peter 2:2; 2:5. Peter also ends the book of 2 peter by again telling us to grow in the knowledge of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, 2 Peter 3:18. It is only by growing in the biblical knowledge of God and our Lord Jesus Christ that we can know the truth and avoid such false teachings that will lead many to Hell.

God warns us that doctrines of demons would be taught in the last days and for us not to be carried away with different and strange doctrines, Hebrews 13:9. This evolving Emerging Church and the New Age believers are, like those of Dominion theology, going to establish God's kingdom on earth before Christ returns. Those participating in these will make it easy to establish the one world church and bring in the Antichrist. However, we are told that Jesus will establish His kingdom on earth at His second coming. See our article on the Second Coming for proof. As you look at your TV programs, books, and other things such as the internet you need to beware of these theological liberals who are infiltrating churches and teaching this false mysticism. Some of them are Brian McLaren, Jim Wallis, Tony Campolo, Marcus Borg, Dallas Willard, Leonard Sweet, Erwin McManus, Phyllis Tickle, Rob Bell, Dan Kimball, Doug Pagitt, Tony Jones, Scot McKnight, Eddie Gibbs, Ryan Bolger, Jeff and Sherry Maddock, Peter Rollins, and Rick Warren.

Below is some of the practices and teachings of the New Age – New Spirituality:

Pantheism: a belief that all that exists is God, that God is in everything. This gives them the idea that God is in everyone and that we are all Gods. Therefore they seek God within their self and throughout the universe. Since all is God there is no hell and all will eventually enter into the utopia they intend to establish.

Panentheism: a belief that God is all that exists. God is the entire universe and transcends the universe. In this, God is views as the soul of the universe. He is also the universal spirit that is present everywhere, in everything and everyone, at all times.

Reincarnation: After death we will be reborn and live another life as a human. This is a cycle that will repeat itself many times similar to the transmigration of the soul in Hinduism. The Bible tells us there is no reincarnation for us, because after death comes the judgment, Hebrews 9:27.

Karma: The belief that the good and bad deeds we do adds and subtracts from our overall record. At the end of our life we are rewarded or punished according to our karma by being reincarnated into a painful or a good new life as is the belief of Hinduism. It should be noted here that the Bible teaches that there is a hell and a heaven and the only way to heaven is through Jesus Christ, John 14:6; Acts 4:12; Ephesians 2:8-9.

Personal Transformation: That an intense mystical experience will lead one to an acceptance and use of New Age beliefs and practices. These include guided imagery, meditation, and hypnosis including at times the use of drugs to bring about and enhance this transformation.

Universal Religion: Since they believe in Pantheism then all is God and all religions are just on different paths to an ultimate reality. This reality will be a new universal religion that has elements of all present faiths and will evolve to become accepted worldwide. However, Jesus tells of these different paths that lead to destruction in Matthew 7:13.

New World Order: this will be a world government that will end wars, disease pollution poverty and hunger. All discrimination will end and everyone's allegiance will be to the New World Order. The Masons, Emerging Church, New Agers, Dominionists and many others are unknowingly helping to bring in the Antichrist and the second coming of Christ, the Biblical Christ, the Son of God.

Channeling: This is where a spirit of a dead person is conjured up. Channelers believe that the soul evolves to higher planes of existence after death and try to make contact with a single individual. That beings consciousness is channeled through the medium which relays information through the medium's voice.

Meditation: This is a process of blanking out the mind and releasing oneself from conscious thinking. Sometimes aided by repetitive chanting or focusing on an object. This leads to new spiritual levels of evil and possible possession.

Divination: The use of various methods to foretell the future, tarot cards etc.. The Bible tells us to not use divination as well as many other things the occult New Agers and other cults use, it is an abomination to the Lord, Deuteronomy 18:10-12.

Astrology: A belief that the orientation of planets at the time of ones birth and the location of their birth can be used to predict the individual's future and personality. This is also taught against in God's Word, it is an abomination to the Lord, Deuteronomy 18:10-12.

As we seen above the New Age Movement denies hell and judgment but they also deny that sin and evil even exist.  Anyone with a little common sense knows that evil exists and when one looks at God’s Word we can see that sin exists.  In Romans 3:23 we see that everyone has sinned.  Then in Romans 6:23 we see that the wages of sin is death but the gift of God is eternal life.  Notice that it is a gift and not something we have to earn by working for it, Ephesians 2:8-9.  In Ephesians 6:10-18 we see that God is showing us the armor He has given each Christian and it is this armor that we should be putting on.

Like more and more protestant churches the New Age Movement teaches that all religions and teachings will lead to the same goal. Again the New Age Spiritually is about Eastern Mysticism and not about God's Word. Jesus Himself told us that there is a broad road that leads to destruction and most will take that path. He also said that the road to life was narrow and there would be few that would find it, Matthew 7:13-14. Those in the New Age Movement are on that broad path that leads to destruction, Matthew 7:13. New Agers claim connections to both Christianity and the major faiths of the East and they also believe there must be some secret and mysterious shortcut to happiness and health.

New Agers believe they should seek spiritual instruction directly from the spirit world. They seek guidance and instructions from a channeler, card readers, palm readers, astrology, the spirit of a dead friend or relative, etc..  All the things that God warns us to avoid in Deuteronomy 18:10-12.  The Bible also says that it is good for reproof, correction and instruction in righteousness so that we may be thoroughly furnished unto all good works, 2 Timothy 2:16-17, so nothing outside of God’s Word is needed. Once we get outside of God’s Word we join Satan in his plan of bringing in the Antichrist and the one world order.

New Agers believe that Jesus is not and was not God.  New Agers refer to a Christ spirit not necessarily Jesus since He is not the only Christ.  There are many Christ’s, with Jesus being one. They believe that Buddha, Confucius, Mohammed, Jesus and many others were Christ.  Christ is considered to be a reincarnated Messiah or messenger sent to give those living on earth spiritually advanced revelation.  Of course the Bible teaches that Jesus is God and the only the only way to heaven, John 14:6.

God is an impersonal God of energy forces.  Everything is the ONE, the Universal Mind, including man.  God is an impersonal energy force and can be referred to as male or female.  Clearly, the God of the Bible, nor Jesus Christ of the Bible is in view in any worship of God.  Their belief is that the sun, moon, stars, nature, and Mother Earth can be worshiped as God.  Once Satan has deluded people into believing these things he is getting close to bringing in the Antichrist who will be worshiped as God and we will then have a one world religion and a one world government, that is until the second coming of the real Christ, the Christ of the Bible.

The New Age Spirituality was underground in the 60’s and 70’s but as the country became more liberal and secular it began a moral decline which is continuing to this day, allowing the New Age movement to become increasingly more open with its practices and many churches now promote New Age Spirituality.  Churches have identified the postmodern culture we are in but many are adopting it supposedly as a means of reaching the postmodernist. This allows types like the New Agers and the Emerging Church and others to easily infiltrate the church. 

This New Age Movement also practices the Hindu Kundalini. describes it as "the vital force lying dormant within one until activated by the practice of yoga, which leads one toward spiritual power and eventual salvation. (sometimes capital) (in yoga) the life force that resides at the base of the spine." Kundalini is the Hindu word for spirituality and is commonly referred to as the mystical power or force that underlies the serpent power.

There are seven major centers for kundalini energy. A person seeks to awaken the sleeping serpent for a higher state of consciousness by using meditation, drugs, visualization, yoga or whatever means necessary. This energy is visualized as an entwined serpent which rises from the base of the spine and eventually dissolve the ego to become a god incarnate and prevents further incarnation on the physical plane. The New Age Movement teaches reincarnation and that this is the only way to stop the endless cycle of Karma, which is to evolve into Gods.

One can ascend through seven progressive chakras with each one an initiation to a higher consciousness till they reach a point of union with Sanat Kumara, Shiva, Vishnu, Lord of the World or Christ Consciousness. Through these seven chakras one perceives a shift in consciousness which is a deception of Satan. It is called the Luciferic Initiation. The persons knows he has come into contact with dark, evil forces and after the initiation their mind is altered. The New Age Movement calls this the Kundalini experience which is a world view shift.

When one reaches the Christ Consciousness mentioned above they have reconnected to the Universal Christ Consciousness grid to restore their cellular memory as a Christed being. This Christ Consciousness is a state of mind and the goal all light workers seek to attain on the spiritual journey to oneness with God. It is a full realization of their Divinity.

There are three signs of Kundalini. First is the mental signs which include visions that range from ecstatically blissful to frightful. Then the vocal Signs are spontaneous vocal expressions ranging from singing to reciting mantras to making various animal sounds. Then there are the Physical Signs are trembling, shaking and the spontaneous performing of certain postures. Other experiences are periods of irrational anxiety, sudden flashes of heat, waves of bliss, and periods of elation.

The New Age Movement, like the Emerging Church and others, practice meditation but not the meditation mentioned in the Bible.  The occult and the New Age Movement's meditation is that of Eastern Mysticism involving the process of blanking out the mind and releasing oneself from conscious thinking. Sometimes aided by repetitive chanting or focusing on an object. This clearing ones mind opens the mind to evil or possession and is also a quick way to infiltrate a weak church and water down the teachings of a biblical Christianity. New Age Spirituality teachings are not in line with Biblical Christianity but with Eastern Mysticism. Their views should be rejected by all Christians and avoided.


Romans 10:9-10
Romans 10:13

Romans 10:9-10
Romans 10:13

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